Know About the Difference between Eastern and Western Yoga Training

There are various styles of yoga being practiced in different parts of the globe. As yoga became a part of everyone’s life, many yoga types are practiced throughout the globe. India is the birthplace of yoga, but with passing time, many yoga types came into existence. Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh tells you about traditional styles of practicing yoga under the guidance of expert yoga gurus from Rishikesh.

The traditional yoga is practiced in India is entirely different from the yoga being practiced in the western part. With a golden history of more than 5000 years, yoga is a traditional art of acquiring a balance between mind, body, and soul. As ancient art is famous in the western part of the world, there are some basic differences between eastern and western yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Some Difference Between Eastern and Western yoga is listed below:-

(1.) Yoga is practiced in the western parts of the world has yoga centers equipped with modern facilities, while yoga in India is learned in the lap of nature along with proper traditional techniques. There are many yoga ashrams in India to teach you the better learning of yoga. 

(2.) According to the Indian contextSpirituality is deeply connected with yoga in India, whereas in the western part, it is considered as an exercise for good health and maintaining the right physic.

(3.) In yoga schools of India, yoga teachers are reckoned to as yoga gurus or leaders of yoga. There is a special bonding between the teacher and the student. The yoga gurus have respectable positions. But in the western part of the world, the yoga teachers teach the right positions for yogic exercises. 

(4.) The traditional art of yoga teaches about yogic food along with diet plan. The yoga teachers guide you about the diet, which is good for the body. The yoga schools in the west do not focus on a proper diet.

(5.) Yoga in the western part of the world has emerged as a billion-dollar industry. There are yoga studios where you can perform yoga with fashionable clothing. The Indian style of yoga marks a new beginning for everyone, especially for yoga lovers. A comfortable outfit is sufficient to perform all types of asanas.

(6.) The western style of teaching focuses on the Vinyasa and flow, performing quick asanas along with dance steps. While in the Indian style of teaching, they comprise of meditation, pranayama, and savasana, which helps in the relaxation of mind, body, and soul.  

(7.) With Hatha yoga, it is the most common yoga practice, while Vinyasa yoga is rooted in the western style of yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

The Bottom Lines

The style of teaching makes Indian and Western styles of yoga different from others. This is the main reason why Indian yoga is famous throughout the world due to its traditional style of teaching.

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