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500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh: Transforming Yoga Powers into Reality

Explore what we offer in our 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. Is your mind controlling over your intellect, left with the denial of the acceptance of your desires? If yes, our course stands by you to apprehend your mind and soul, confronting the positivity within you for all your ramblings ahead! Details about the 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh Explore…

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9 Vinyasa Yoga Asanas You Must Know About

Any beginner or professional level yoga learner has to master in the vinyasa yoga because it’s one of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga today. It also helps in your personal and professional career.  A yoga teacher training in India takes exceptional care of it, as learning yoga means incomplete if you do not know proper body positioning and…

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How is Ashtanga Yoga Different from Vinyasa Yoga?

When you start your yoga journey, there are two different styles of yoga followed commonly in yoga schools – ashtanga yoga and vinyasa yoga. Both these yoga styles stem from the Krishnamacharya Yoga lineage, and both highlight the movement of body parts to the human breathing system. They form the sequence and curriculum of learning.  However, many of us find…

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Yoga in India – Some Interesting Facts & Figures One Need to Know

India, the land of unity in diversity, has taken over the world by storm. Learners seeking education for yoga are continuously coming to the country. The reason is – the growing number of yoga retreats and yoga TTC are among the most popular holiday options for travelers in the 21st century. The ancient Indian-born science has reached various parts of…

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Contemplate the Sublime within You Learning Yoga in Rishikesh!

Rishikesh, the eternal city of Uttarakhand, is going to be your next travel destination for some good reasons. First is the outdoor adventure, hiking trails, religious temples, and more. Next is the growing number of yoga schools in the lap of the Himalayan Mountains, standing near the holy river Ganges. Yoga in Rishikesh is a mind-blowing experience. One can feel…

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Who Can Be a Yoga Teacher? Top 4 Checklists That May Help you accomplish Your Dream

Yoga teaching is one of the most accomplished professions these days as it offers many benefits to the trainer and students. Teachers who train others about different yoga asanas, yoga posture, alignment, meditation, mantra chanting reaps a lot of physical benefits. Added on, the rising demand for yoga learning can make you good money. So, a yoga teacher training in…

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How to Teach Postural Alignment to Students?

Having proper posture is very important especially comes to spinal alignment. You are make sure you have a healthy spine because you are going to need it if wish to remain active for rest of your life. Now, strengthening spinal cord with different yoga posture has been proven and verified technique. When you are going to teach someone after completing…

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Why Must Every Yoga Beginner Do a 200 Hours YTT Course?

Yoga learning is for everyone. A person of any age, sex, creed, or nationality can learn or teach yoga if he or she has completed a certified course. There are many yoga schools those who offer Yoga Alliance authorized yoga teacher training in India. Learning and training in yoga are simple to start with a 200-hours yoga teacher training course.…

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Yoga Syllabus for RYS Yoga Course– Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School

With the mushrooming growth of yoga, India has become a focal point of attraction. Many yogis and yoginis are coming from every corner of the world to study and learn about it. According to studies, more than a thousand yoga schools are providing short-term and long-term yoga teacher training in India to develop their yoga school and sharpen the art…

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Know the Right Vinyasa Yoga Sequence to Teach Your Best Class

All beginners, intermediate and professional level yoga learners should have a clear understanding of vinyasa yoga. This yoga form constitutes the formation of different yoga posture that adds meaning to life. It helps in controlling your breathing with every movement, increases concentration level, and makes you more open to newness. One can feel a healthy body, mind, and soul practicing…

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