Know the Importance of Anatomy in Yoga Practice

Yoga learning is a comprehensive procedure; it includes the movement of various body parts with proper flow and sequence. These movements are called asana, and each asana helps in unity of your body and mind. When one does asana with complete knowledge about anatomy and alignment then it becomes easier to reap maximum benefit from your yoga practice. This is what forms the essence of yoga teacher training in India, which is offered by Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School.

Learning Yoga anatomy is one of the vital steps to becoming a successful yoga teacher in future. It tells about bones, muscles, joints, blood vessels, nerves and other body organs that are associated with yoga learning.

Yoga Teacher Training in India

Let’s have a look at each of them:

  • Bones – There are 206 bones in the body. They are further divided into shorter and longer bones, based on size and purpose. As a professional yoga trainee, you need to understand the effect of yoga on each bone. Learn about the anatomy of the spinal cord, legs and arm bones, finger bones function, and others in detail. Know which bones are at risk of injury due to incorrect practising of yoga.
  • Muscles – Muscles are vulnerable to strain during yoga practice. So, it’s important for yoga professionals to learn and understand the insertion of muscles in the bones. Yoga teacher training will give you complete knowledge about the different compartment of muscles in the body, their grouping and how they function as a whole.
  • Joints – Joints are the structural attachment between bones in the human body. It provides the movement in the body parts. However, this part is highly susceptible to physical injuries during yoga. So, it’s essential to know the movement of major joints as well as their flexion, extension, and rotation. This may help you know the safest yoga practice.
  • Spinal cord – The spine forms the strongest support system for the human body. It’s extremely important to know the effect of body movement on the spinal cord. Know about the nerves, bones, and discs that are attached to it. In-Depth Research and learning on spinal cord can guide student to cure chronic back pain and injuries.
  • Alignment of the body –Become a fully-qualified yoga trainer, this is the most thing to learn. Know about the arrangement of the different asana, the bone, the joints and muscle movement associated with it, and effect on the different body parts. Learn about the risks included with incorrect practicing of different yoga posture.

Yoga Teacher Training in India

To make your yoga teacher training in India more fruitful, you need to have a better command of all the different body parts aligned with different postures of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga and more. Talk with experts to know all about them in detail.

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