What are the Six Darshanas of Hindu Orthodox Philosophy?

First, you need to understand the essence of Hindu philosophies in life. Technically, man always strives to fulfill his basic necessities. Once all they are fulfilled and normal struggles of living are won, he starts thinking about the real purpose and meaning of life. Hindu Orthodox philosophy gives answers to all those questionnaires that define the existence and purpose of human on earth. It consists of Six Darshanas which means vision or realization of the self to form the existence of Indian Philosophy.

Six Darshanas or Shad Darshanas of Hindu Orthodox Philosophy

The Six Darshanas or Shad Darshanas are six systems or schools of thought. According to Vedas, Darshanas are the schools of philosophy which are visions of reality as experienced by the Mystics. They are the instruments of seeing truth and help in seeing things differently. Each school is assimilated, interpreted and correlated to various parts of the Vedas. Each system is categorized in sutarakara, which was later systemized by Sage Patanjali in Yoga Sutras.

Sage Patanjali in Yoga Sutras

The various schools of thoughts are a different path to attain enlightenment. They are as follows –

#1 – Nyaya – Nyaya is the basic principles of Indian logical system. Sage Gautama devised it. Nyaya is considered as perquisites for all philosophical inquiries.

#2 – Vaiseshika – Vaiseshika or atomism is an add-on extension to Nyaya. Sage Kanada done the compostion for Vaiseshika.

#3 – Sankhya – Sankhya Darshana or Sankhya system was introduced by sage Kapila

#4 – Yoga – Yoga is a supplement of Sankhya Darshana. It was created by sage Patanjali and mentioned elaborately in the yoga sutras.

#5 – Mimamsa – Mimamsa is derived from the rituals mentioned in Hindu Vedas. It was proposed by sage Jaimini, who was himself a great discipline of great sage Vyasa.

#6 – Vedanta – Vedanta is an extension of the Sankhya system of philosophy. It explains the teachings of Upanishads. Sage Badarayana composed the Vedanta Sutras or Brahma-Sutras.

These are six darshanas, it generally deals with four topics – the existence and nature of Brahman or the creator, nature of the Jiva or the individual soul, Jagat or the creation of the world, and returning to Brahmin to lead towards the Moksha or liberation. All these darshanas are not so popular among Indian Philosophies, but yoga has created a special designation and practiced by many people around the world. Yoga brings health, wellness, and mindfulness to life. If you are seeking escape to the miseries, pain, sufferings and other roller coasters of human existence, it’s better to do yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

How Are Six Darshanas helpful for humankind?

The Six darshanas of Indian Orthodox philosophy are designed to remove ignorance and its effects of pain and sufferings. One can attain enlightenment with darshanas, since it can free your body and soul and unite the Jivatma or individual soul with Paramatman, the supreme soul.  Each philosophy aims at eradicating all ignorance. The Nyaya helps to shed light to the ignorance, Mithya Jnana or false knowledge. The Sankhya styles it to discriminate between the real and unreal world. The Vedanta names it Avidya or nescience. You can feel the eternal bliss with the help of darshanas.

Bottom Line

Darshanas are real pathfinder of any reasonable question a person has in his mind. When you come to understand about the darshanas, it will help you find the real meaning of life. Learn all about the six darshanas from Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School. Here, only experienced and certified yoga professional’s help you in learning yoga and its philosophies in deep. Join them for yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Know more from the website.

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