A Guide on How to Teach Yoga to Beginners?

Taking a step to change yourself is painful in the beginning. But as you learn to accept the change, it becomes very easy to come out with the best. Taking a resolution to maintain good health and search for spiritual peace is only possible with the help of yoga.

Learning yoga is a step by step process. People from all age groups can practice yoga and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. There are many styles and poses of yoga which is very helpful for the beginners to lay a strong foundation. A curriculum is designed carefully on how to teach yoga to Beginners?

Explore Yoga with the Best

A beautiful journey of yoga is going to take you to a beautiful destination of spiritually. But to get out the best from yoga it is important to learn yoga from a basic level under the guidance of a yoga teacher. As you take the first step towards yoga, there are certain things which you need to take care before you start walking towards peace and spirituality.

Some of them are listed below:-

  • Wear comfortable clothes: –

    Before you start practicing yoga wear comfortable clothes that are stretchable and allows you to practice yoga with ease. Sweatpants or yoga leggings are the best for practicing yoga. As long as you feel comfortable, you can wear anything according to your choice.

  • Yoga mat: –

If you are taking a yoga class for the first time you can get a yoga mat which will give you proper grip once you start to practice yoga. There are many yoga classes which provide you with yoga mats for best grip.

  • Towel:

While practicing yoga carries a towel along with you which will help you when you are sweating.

  • Start with no expectation: –

The journey of yoga is unique to everyone. During the initial days of yoga practice open up your mind and heart to accept the things for the betterment of the body. For example, if you practiced a certain pose yesterday then try to copy it as you did yesterday. A positive expectation will take you a step closer towards your goal.

  • Listen to your body: –

Yoga is for everyone no matter what is your age and gender. Everyone can practice yoga with the same amazing effects. The multiple effects of yoga postures and breathing techniques will take your fitness to the next level.

  • Make progress step by step: –

Yoga is an art which requires time and patience. With passing the time and dedication, it is very easy to command various techniques of this ancient art.

  • Visit your yoga site before you start: –

It is really exciting to get into the world of yoga but before you get into it be mentally prepared and visit the site to prepare yourself.

  • Be open-minded: –

When it comes to health and fitness, it is very important to have the right state of mind. The positive mind frame will give you positive results in limited time. Meditation can do a lot of wonders for your mind, body, and soul.

Starting yoga with basic poses will help you to create a strong foundation in long terms. With right practice under the guidance of a trainer, it will help you to build your stamina and take your practice to the next level. The basic yoga positions include standing, bending, forward bends, and backbends.

Following are the basic yoga poses which are best for yoga beginners:-

  • Balasana (Child’s pose)

This is known as the queen of healing poses. This asana focuses on the spot between your eyebrows. The practice of this asanas helps you to stimulate your nervous system and make you mentally healthy.

  • Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

This pose is practiced in the standing position. This pose helps to strengthen your spine and correct your posture. This pose is best for kids who want to increase their height.

  • Vriksasana (Tree Pose)

This pose is best for beginners who want to improve their focus and clarity. In this pose, the beginners can learn the techniques of breathing while balancing.

  • Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

This pose starts with stretching the sides of the waist, wide open chest and strengthen the lower back of the body.

  • Savasana (Corpse Pose)

This pose of yoga is performed at the end of the yoga session. This pose helps to assimilate the benefits of practice and mindfulness of breath and physical sensations.

Teaching yoga to the beginners is quite exciting. Every individual is like a blank sheet of paper in which you can fill the colors of yoga in their life.  The beginning of the spiritual journey starts with a single step. It is important to practice with an open mind and willingness to accept the techniques of yoga without any criticism

For beginners trying to explore this beautiful art. The more you explore, the more you get close to your goal. To get the maximum benefit of yoga include it in your lifestyle and feel the power of yoga.

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