Pranayama is the formal routine with regards to controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana, or imperative life drive. Here, read up on pranayama practices and stances, breathing systems and sequences.


  • Due to slowing of respiration rate the heart rate is reduced.
  • Blood pressure is lowered.
  • Stress and stress related ailments. Anxiety, tension, anger.
  • More oxygen is made available per breath, making the breathing most efficient.
  • Conscious deep breathing greatly affects the cortical activities, relaxing the nervous system, which calms the mind by removing thoughts and emotions.
  • Enhanced movement of the diaphragm gives a good massage to the internal organs as the liver, pancreas, stomach, heart and lungs are attached to the diaphragm which is moved up and down during the breathing.
  • The whole body is nourished by the extra supply of oxygen
  • Blood is purified of any toxins
  • The brain centres are stimulated to work to their optimum capacity
  • Gives tranquility, clarity of thoughts and improved concentration
  • Lowers levels of stress and anxiety
  • Good preparation for labour
  • Gives us control over our breath
  • There is master pranayama known as Anulom Vilom – Alternate Nostril Breathing
  • Increases vitality
  • Function of all systems (endocrine, digestive, excretory, reproductive, nervous, respiratory, circulatory) are improved
  • Balances left and right energy pathways, ida and pingala, clearing pranic blockages. This can awaken sushaumna.

Want to do pranayama but not sure where to start? Here’s are some tips of exercises or pranayama for beginners to help you out.

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