[testimonials ids=”649″][schema type=”review” url=”” name=”Christina Krutis ” description=”Yoga Teacher Training in India Reviews – Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School” rev_name=”200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training” rev_body=”My 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training at Vinyasa School was an enriching experience at all levels. Our theoretical and practical courses were well taught by our teachers,they are experienced, accessible, kind and comprehensive.I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for it – I just dove into this adventure with open heart and mind. And the whole trip was above and beyond all the possible expectations. I enjoyed my whole program. Staff members were kind and helpful, I liked the food and the premises were clean, the classrooms big and comfortable enough.Location of RVYS is awesome near waterfall and out of honking. 20 Mins walk from Laxman jhoola but amid of greenery. Must go place. Hope will back for my 300 Hrs ttc.
I am glad that chosen RYS 200,YA to get global certification of Ashtanga Vinyasa training.
Thank You so much – Team RVY School India” author=”Christina Krutis” pubdate=”2015-10-02″ user_review=”5″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”5″ ]

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  • Kathryn

    Jewel of Rishikesh
    While contemplating where to complete your Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), all you can do is trust. You trust the reviews, you trust the people at the school with whom you communicate, and you trust that travelling the distance to India will be worth the time and money invested. I recently earned my 200-hour certification from Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School , and I can honestly, absolutely, and without hesitation say that it was worth every penny. The program cost about less than half the price of most YTT courses in the U.S. Yes, you pay the difference in travel and visa expenses, but that additional cost gives you a cultural adventure that cannot be replicated in the U.S., or your respective country. The teachers are all Indian, and were raised with the philosophies that they teach at the school. They are firmly rooted and passionate in their convictions that yoga is not about “asana” but a way of being, a way of melding the body, mind, and soul. My body felt soothed every time I left an asana class with master teachers Yashpal & Rajesh. My mind was nourished with the philosophy and anatomy teachings of the Ajay.I just took 5 days meditation class with Sarvottam as he had to leave in an emergency but his classes of meditation techniques and mantra chanting were awesome. He is also part of Meditation teacher training school (Shree Mahesh Heritage) and Then Vicky was wonder as a person and with his skill. Everything fused together perfectly at the end of the four weeks. The staffs are friendly and helpful, attending to your every need with care. The accommodations are private enough to be alone if you wish, but public enough to form a community bond with your fellow students. Small group. Again, I would not hesitate to repeat this experience, and I’m already considering returning for their 300-hour course. Namaste to everyone at RVYS!

  • Shrey N

    I chose Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga school For learning Ashtanga Vinyasa and Vinyasa Flow And i found this place is very good for learning Yoga and mediation and an amazing place to learn and ignite your inner peace through Yoga…!!!
    When I was finding school for TTC so I got Too much complain about food in others School But in this School there was no complain for the food and Accommodation its true really Food was so good and tasty ,Thank you Gabbar and Ankit. Thanks Yashpal Raj and Ajay for such a nice Experience.
    Good going guys……Keep it up…..!!!
    Highly Recommended.

  • Marina Dziivichii

    My experience with rishikesh vinyasa yoga school is more than amazing.. Countless great memories which I cherished till now.. First of all let me tell some lines in details, there are lots of competitive yoga school in rishikesh.. However, vinyasa yoga school came up to be best as the trainer themselves are amazing with positive vibe around us.. It feels like home.. Morning teacher RAJESH knows how to deal with student with his professional knowledge and guild each student with how much one can take.. Yaspal on another hand amazingly and patiencenly guide you about you body alignment, follow up with Ajay giving the knowledge of anatomy of our body with his great knowledge and exciting way to explain and sneha with her philosophy teaching, and special thanks to Manish for helping me in head stand.. And gabbar and vickey for making delicious healthy food and tea…
    So guys if you want to learn yoga go to rishekish vinyasa yoga school, 100% you won’t regret the wonderful experience plus nice memories to carry back home��

  • Kristi Hinsberg

    Coming here was one of best decisions of my life – no doubt in that! ☺

    When I decided to come Rishikesh and take 200 hours Astanga Vinyasa and Vinyasa Flow Teacher Course, my friends in Estonia were happy but a bit worried too. “Will you get really what you dream about?”, they asked. And hoped that I will.

    Now I can say that I got 1000% more I hoped!

    From first moment this course was challenging -either mentally and physically. I learned how to push myself out from comfort zone and give myself more stretch…more stretch….some moooooooooooore stretch, more strength, more flexibility – with loooooooots of sweating..and enjoying it! ☺ It taught me to get to know borders of my body and also the fact that there are no borders. But you cannot learn these things without friendly and very professional support from best teachers. That’s what our teachers were ☺. Whatever we did in Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Yoga class and tested how far can we go, I felt all the time: nothing bad can happen with our spines, wrists or knees because we are in really good hands. It was good feeling and I would really devote to giving that feel to my yoga pupils in the future ☺

    The course really turned me to a yoga trainer. Unexperienced and “green” yoga trainer but defenetely trainer. It didn’t only teach how to do asanas yourself but also how to help others with asanas – how to correct others, different variations of asanas – for those who can’t do harder variant. It taught how to help and be with every person who may come to my own training class in the future. Thank you, Rajesh! And thank you,Yashpal!!! And thank you for not being only supergood teachers but also persons with warmest and caring soul!

    The course was really like good yoga-shower within only a month: we were really taken “to roots of yoga” as much as possible with that short time. Thank you, Satpal, for trying to make us understand such huge and deep topic as yoga philosophy within only a month! You really gave us clear stair-steps to put our legs on – when we start climbing ourselves ☺

    Meditation class was always one of biggest day-makers ☺. As soon as Vicky entered to the class, the room was full of smiley sunshine. He made us chant mantras, he made us sing, he made us clapping our hands and laugh but at the same time he very professionally gave more understanding about different forms of meditation and meaning of meditation itself. Thank you,Vicky !

    For me our anatomy teacher Ajay is a real “miracle-man” ☺. There are over 600 muscles in a human body, there are bones in our bodies, nerves and ligaments and joints aaaand….☺ How to give 9 people orientation in all of that stuff! But what Ajay did? He just didn’t let us chance NOT to understand how our body works when making asanas: when and which and why different muscles are working and which way. How we use our bones and how they support us in different postures. He didn’t give us bunch of terms in in Latin language to study and know by heart the day after tomorrow. No! He made the topic logical and made us really understand the thing. And he also gave us so many useful tips about taking care our whole health , eating habits, drinking habits, sitting habits. It all helps us to become a better yoga trainer – I really feel it! And within all of that intensive and large topic Ajay always found warm heart and good humour for us ☺. Thank you for that!

    Thank you, teachers, for also introducing us Rishikesh! For taking us to different places in that beautiful holy town! Thank to Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School for really comfortable and cosy accomodation – it has become real Home! ☺ And to our chief – my stomach will never ever forget you! ☺

  • Pame Malvoa

    My experience was absolutely amazing!!!! the yoga classes was so power full the teacher are so dedicated. They help me a lot, I improved in my asanas. The teoric classes are very good, I learnt a lot about anatomy, alignment, meditation and philosophy. They prefere a small group so you can learn more.
    The accommodation is very confortable and the food is amazing.
    I really recomend this school, is awesome.
    All the best for you guys, are the best!!!!

  • Patricia

    I ended up in this school after the school I already booked cancelled the course, and it was a fantastic surprise! Only one month before the beginning, I found myself with everything booked (planes, hotels, trains and more for a trip afterwards), a special permission at work… But no training! In the middle of Christmas I had to find a place to go in the very specific dates and with a programme that suited me!!! Now that everything is done I can say that I couldn’t have been luckier!!!!

    Rishikesh vinyasa yoga school offers YTT focused on ashtanga vinyasa yoga style. I personally found the programme great and well balanced between all the theory classes and the yoga practice. One of the best things for a good learning experience was the fact that the group is very very reduced, this allowed us to have the best attention in every class. The teachers and actual founders of the school were simply amazing! Very kind, calm, experienced and full of patience. They made us feel at home since the very first minute, actually, on Sundays they took us out to different places so we could enjoy like a family day all together!! Thanks to all the teachers, specially to Yash, I’ll never forget your classes!

    It is located in upper Tapovan, on the opposite side of Laxshman Jhula, this gave us the opportunity of living in a peaceful area within 10-15′ walk from all the hustle and bustle of town. The place is basically a big house with 2-3 rooms for the Ayurvedic clinic, 7 bedrooms, the yoga hall, kitchen and eating area, garden and a roof top terrace (which I used a lot!). The rooms with ensuite bathroom are very spacious and clean. Vegetarian meals are also served in the school and they are absolutely DELICIOUS!! (we used to compliment the chef after every single one). Another very helpful thing was the opportunity of using the washing machine.

    If you are looking for an “Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher training”, then Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School is for you! For my following trainings, I won’t have a doubt!

  • Pavla

    I spent a month at this school doing the 200hr Vinyasa/Ashtanga teacher training and I must say it was an amazing experience. The teachers are very professional, know their stuff and are really really helpful and friendly. The accommodation and food were just great, and we also did fun trips on the weekends. It was a small group so we all got enough attention and got to do yoga the right way (finally ;). I learned so much interesting stuff that I will definitely use in my future life (not just the asanas, but also breathing and cleansing techniques, meditation and anatomy). I will come back for the follow up training. See you soon guys and thanks again!

  • Surendra Pant

    I did my 200 Hour Vinayasa-Ashtanga yoga teacher training course at RVYS Oct-2015. It was a great gift to improve my teaching skills and developing myself into a Yoga Instructor. Finally i got certification and now i have got a job too. Hurry yy . I would surely recommend it to people who wish to join small group and get personalized attention. Food was awesome , provided accommodation was impressive more than basic. Also i was given chance to experience local sight seeing and a visit to near by hill station.

  • Marie Rubey

    India is full of its unique culture and peoples. Rishikesh is rich in spiritual and many yoga gurus. Vinyasa Yoga school teachers and staffs are awesome. The training schedule is well planned with right time of breaks in between. The teaching subjects are good and teachers are professionals. It is a enrichment program for Vinyasa ashtanga beginners into yoga practices. Staffs are friendly and meals are prepared with good thought and it is delicious. It was beyond my expectation. Weekend trip to Ganga river and Sunrise view at Kunjapuri temple was good experienced of spiritual journey. One can feel the positive energy and it has been a relaxing weekend outing. I am enjoying the journey and looking forwards to everyday learning. I am glad that my friend recommend me Vinyasa yoga school. and it is my happiness that i am writing my feedback before ending the ceremony. Tomorrow i will be a certified yoga teacher.finally my journey from USA to India is successful. Thank you Vinyasa yoga team.

  • Nick Ziegler

    Yashpal is an amazing teacher. He is patient, thorough, clear and concise. Always ready to stop and make sure you understand and have a laugh too. He is the kind of teacher I would like to be. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

  • Regina Pintoo

    RVY was much more than a yoga certification program, it was a 28 day life changing experience. I arrived by taxi from the airport on Aug 31st BROKEN left September 1st feeling better than I had in YEARS. I was provided with the perfect environment and guidance to detoxify my mind, connect with my body and honor spirit. There is no such thing as coincidence, I was certainly guided to the RV Yoga family. I was looking for a training that offered more than a style, I wanted to understand the word YOGA and all the pieces of the puzzle. The small group setting with one on one attention, the sacred environment the knowledgeable teachers provided me with the experience I was seeking. Not only did I learn about yoga in the motherland, I was immersed in her culture.Tapovan is a rural village about 25 Mins away from the downtown city, which made for a tranquil environment. As part of our daily routine, we walked to the waterfall road. While there we taught, played and learned with the village children. We also spent time outdoors absorbing the environment while learning about medicinal plants, assisting with gardening and meditating in the RVYS forest planet aligned gardens. These activities were in addition to our daily asana classes and profound lectures. The vegetarian Indian diet was a new experience, and one that I treasure. Our amazing chef not only shared recipes and kitchen secrets, but was always willing to discuss and share cultural norms, as were Krishna and Hema. Much of the learning I acquired was through reflection on doing, or experiential learning that took place in a land I had always dreamt about. The Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School Program should pride itself on teaching students through their daily experiences. What I enjoyed most about my experience was the new community of friends Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga created. The small group setting allowed for students, teachers and community to form friendships in a short period of time. Each member of our yoga batch came from different locations, with different needs. We each left feeling stronger and more complete, with a 200 hr. teacher training certificate and much more knowledge regarding YOGA than we had imagined. Regina Pintoo.
    Thank you to my wonderful teacher – Yashpal. Much appreciated and welcome you to France.

  • Jessica Anastasya

    I have completed my 200 hour training here at Vinyasa Yoga School last september and had a most interesting time here. The teachers are excellent, the food is good, mild and similar day to day. The yoga/classroom facility is good, mostly we are all housed under one roof. The staff is attentive and all in all I had a good experience. during my initial program days I was ill and did not get to visit the local cave site but got a chance to visit Kunjapuri Temple which is 20 Km of trekking.! The Indian people are most welcoming and our teachers are some of the happiest people I have ever met! Come to India with an open mind and see for yourself! 100 % recommended. Peace and Light !! Jessica Anastasya from South Africa.

  • megha negi

    I am very happy I decided to do the training. I had been almost practicing Hatha yoga for two years since I practices this intensely. It was a challenge for me to learn Vinyasa yoga being in a traditional society but thanks to Yashpal and team RVYS to help me to make an instructor of Ashtanga Vinyasa. It was a life changing experience and I would surely recommend this school to yoga practitioner to try to become a successful ryt 200.thanks you

  • Deepak chaudhary

    I spent very good time with Rishikesh vinyasa yoga school.all teachers are good and helped me lot.yogi yash thank you very much for bring me the 2nd level of the yoga asana prectice..

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